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​"I have loved every time when I've been able to interact with young readers - whether I'm speaking at their school, or talking with them after they've finished reading the book,  or talking about upcoming projects.  I love their enthusiasm!  Even more than that - I love that they're enjoying reading and some are even inspired to begin writing!"

"But this latest project with KICKcancER, really has my heart singing.  I'm so thrilled that not only are copies of The Littlest Daffodil  being read by children and adults going through difficult struggles - but every ounce of profit is going to fulfill KICKstart kits for children who are needing to be nurtured before and after their cancer treatments.  When your gifts get to be used to bless other people and glorify God, that's the best feeling in the world!"


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Our books are specially written for young readers, but enjoyed by all.  We hope that the messages given in our literature ministers to hearts of all ages! 

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"Read a book - change your world.  Write a book - create a world!"  ~ Lele Ste

Lele Ste ​ 


                                                          lives with her beloved family on top of Palomar Mountain in beautiful southern California.  She has a love for children, a love for imagination, and a love for creating new worlds with the stroke of a pen... or the tap of a keyboard!

She is so thankful that God has given her the ability and the passion to help children expand their horizons through the gift of reading and writing.